Preparing For Pyramid

Two weeks since the Black Swamp Fest and now it’s already time to head to Hamilton, OH to try a new festival.  It’s been two weeks of mad art making and booth prep.  I am sharing a booth with my fiber artist friend Kathy Pereira de Almeida.  Kathy makes hand painted, originally designed hand bags.  She does everything from purchasing the material to the very fine details of sewing at the end.   Some of the bags are market bags and some are day bags with pockets.  All of them are sturdy, carefully sewn, beautifully designed and come a fabulous choice of colors. 

I have been making a load more of my paper earrings as well as some new stone earrings.  I have a few felted bags to sell, but many were sold at the Black Swamp Fest. and there is just not enough time to make more.  I will, however, be selling my out house paintings and prints for anyone who is interested in the beauty and mystique of toiletting houses!  Ha!

Pyramid Hills Art Fair @ The Pyramid Hills Sculpture Park 

ADDRESS:  1763 Hamilton-Cleves Road, State Route 128, Hamilton, OH 45013

Free Admission to Art Fair- Free Admission to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park!

Art Fair times are Sept., 25 (10 – 6), Sept., 26 (10 – 5)

For more info go to

~ by ambeckart on September 23, 2010.

One Response to “Preparing For Pyramid”

  1. Ann,

    Good luck on selling many items at your show at Pyramid Hills Art Fair this weekend. I checked out your displays and they look great.

    You have surely been working overtime to have so many earrings and bags ready to show. Beautiful work and done with love.

    Traveling mercies to you as you go to Hamilton, Ohio.

    Love, Aunt Nori

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