Seeing The Light!

Latest paper earrings with sunstone, peridot and silver beads

Very proud of these earrings.  They are part of the latest batch that I have done especially for the Black Swamp Arts Festival this year.  I’ll have an entire display of earrings I designed with the Black Swamp in mind, including geckos, dragonflies, trees and spirals.  The BSAF has become so entwined with certain images that I just had to have a go at them (but with my own twist, of course).  Also, have a handful of new bags including some with flaps.  I have a great location this year- Booth #5 in the Huntington Bank parking lot Sept. 10 and 11 in Bowling Green, OH.  It’s a great art festival.  I am looking forward to the music, great people and fellow artists (also a cold beer at the end of the day in the beer garden!)

PS.  Find me on facebook to view more of my work!

~ by ambeckart on September 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Seeing The Light!”

  1. I like the designs of your earrings and other artwork …thanks for sharing it and also visiting and “liking” my post!

    • Thank you Joni! I like your work too. It was a pleasure to look at your site. Hope your getting lots done. I had a good, productive day today (art wise). Cheers!

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