Out of the Swamp once again!

What a great weekend!  The weather was perfect and temperate and sales good.  Thanks again everyone for buying local art.  It means so much when someone comes back to my booth wearing a pair of my earrings or sporting one of my felted bags.  It is so fun to see my past work!

Well, because this is a “blog” and it’s supposed to be about my life as an artist (mostly), I feel compelled to share some thoughts now and then.  Every year I am reminded of how much work goes into preparing for a show like this.  There are so very many things to consider; is my work good enough and do have I created “enough”, how will I compare to other artists etc.  Then, there is the psychological hurdles’ “I probably won’t get in to the show, so I might as well not even try.”, “Who do I think I am, I’m no artist!”, “I’ll be the laughing-stock of the show.”  Then we come to the real logistics of doing an out-door art festival,  such as; display and aesthetics of the booth (and trust me here- the details are eeeennnnddddllllleeeeesssss….), tent and tent weights, who will be there to help load and unload, how will the display hold up in the case of rain, wind heat etc., is their enough change in the cash box, where to use restrooms and who will man the booth when you go to the restrooms.  In the case of more experienced artisans, there is the whole marketing aspect and website upkeep to consider as well.  I don’t think people understand just how much work and thought goes into having a “descent” booth in an art festival; and this brings me to my one complaint out of the weekend; a man asked would be willing to drop my price on a particular piece.  I know I should not be offended because people make comments all the time and an artist must learn to get a thick skin quick… but I felt like he wanted to haggle me down.  But what he and other customers don’t know is that I barely pay myself minimum wage and I am always teetering on the edge of being able to do this thing called art.  It can be frustrating.

So, I am over it now but for those of you who wonder if it’s ok to barter with artists at an accredited art festival, the answer is: DONT.  They are not in the mood for it.  Trust me.  Now I realize that if I was a true street artist I would take whatever I could get at the end of the day so that I could eat that night.  But luckily most of us in the BSAF can afford to keep our pride and get what we ask for our hard work and skill.

Beyond this, I loved the crowd that came through and am grateful to them for their support, cheerfulness and praise.

~ by ambeckart on September 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Out of the Swamp once again!”

  1. Ann,
    Congratulations on a great weekend. I love the picture of your booth and especially love seeing your picture. Your art looks great. I l love the sunflower hanging and want to know more about it.

    The bags are neat and I especially like the one hanging close to you with the burgundy color. Does it have a closure flap? It looks great, as do the others and of course, the earrings are always special.

    More later—Love, N

  2. The sunflower picture is the one that was chosen to be in the 577 Foundation Fiber show and then was in the Angelwood Gallery in Grand Rapids, OH for a while. It is a piece I felted using the “wet felting” method (no knitting) and then mounted it on canvas. I then painted with oil paint around the felt and tried to use the same colors so that it would have a bit of a 3D effect. This picture was taken on Sunday (the second day of the show) and I hardly had any bags left. That burgandy one sold on Sunday after the picture was taken. Do you like those colors? (brown and burgundy) I have some great pictures of a lot of my best bags on facebook. Sometime get Erin or Donna to show you my stuff on facebook as I am friends with both of them.

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