Animals @ Sunset

This piece was "wet Felted" and embellished with some needle felting.

A warm evening with the sun low and the sky deepening into reds and pinks; I stop on the trail to tie my shoe.  When I look up, there, in a dark silhouette, is a bull elk.  He just Pauses and looks at me for a moment, and I him.   We are two strangers gently acknowledging one another in a quiet moment; each on our own sacred journey.  Later, I notice there are others not far behind him.  I realized he was  not alone and felt glad for him.  I looked over my shoulder to find only the darkening, rocky path I had chosen in a hurry.

This wall hanging will be at the Market Day & Fiber Fair this weekend;  Sat., March 24 at the Wood County Fair Grounds from 9am-4pm

~ by ambeckart on March 20, 2012.

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