Decisions, decisions…

As an artist, sometimes the most frustrating times are when I am at a cross-road with a project and I must move forward or forever be stuck.  With all of life’s stresses and distractions, how does one find that quiet space to decide which way is the best way to proceed?  Or sometimes I have two ideas at once (both of them with potential) but no time to properly make a move.  I guess it’s a little comparison to the bigger project of life; sometimes when we are searching for the right decision about something, there is no time to properly stand back and look deeper, or from a different angle.  We get stuck or make a hasty decision which results in a crappy or ineffective outcome.  Time folks, time and peace are needed; a quiet walk in the forest and a nap in the grass.  I yearn for that!!

~ by ambeckart on April 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Decisions, decisions…”

  1. I have found that when you don’t make the right decision, then you have to ‘make right’ the decision you *did* make, whether it’s in your art or your life.

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