Finding “My” Center

A couple of entries ago I was “stuck” with making a decision about a piece I was working on.  I had an idea but there was  no depth to it.  Everything I thought of just seemed flat and I was so busy with other “life” things that I couldn’t see straight.  Then I realized that in order to create this piece, I would have to center myself.  Find my center.  When I started to compartmentalized everything I had to do in my life, I was able to see clearly.  Once I started, and could focus, the whole project just flowed out of me like silky chocolate (I had to think of that analogy!).  Anyway, I feel good about completing this and realize that sometimes, the answers really are right under your nose if you can stop and take a breath and find the focus.

In this piece (not a great pic I realize) I have hidden symbols and images  alluding to the struggle that is involved in finding one’s center (including the four directions).  I suppose it’s a bit feminine in nature, but I almost called it finding the warrior’s center because I did feel a bit like a warrior trying to fight my way to freedom from all my worries.  The center is calm, but finding it is not easy.  To all my creative comrades soldier on!

~ by ambeckart on April 24, 2012.

One Response to “Finding “My” Center”

  1. Ann, the design is lovely and your ” center ” is solid. Don’t doubt it. Hugs!

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