Keeping it REAL…

felted, wool, turquoise and coral bag with splashes of fabric and vibrant blue spirals

“The imagination needs moodling-long, inefficient happy idling, dawdling, and puttering.” -Brenda Uedland

I love this quote!  I love it because it sooo true.  I am in the middle of two art festivals, two weeks apart and am not able to dawdle with my art the way I like to.  I must focus and be productive. I must “create” on cue from now until the next.  I strive to “keep it real”. So this bag and others, plus my earrings. will be at the Rue de Artist Festival in Waterville, OH on Sept., 22 on Second st. (right next to George Carruth’s Garden Smiles Gallery and across from The Silver Lining Gallery).  Did I mention that I love what I do?!  I love to create but it is very solitary, so I really appreciate the festivals when I can chat with other artists and customers.  Thanks to all who view appreciate and purchase my artwork. AND, a big thanks to all my creative and inspiring friends and family because you all keep me going.  Cheers!

~ by ambeckart on September 13, 2012.

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