I ponder more and more how we, as humans, live our lives, especially in our Westernized cultures.  I feel it’s different now than when I was a child.  I know it is.  It seems we spend so much time INSIDE.  I am concerned about this.  Have we forgotten how to be with ourselves, quietly and reflect? To observe our environment, to smell the subtle, earthiness of the first days of autumn (to actually feel it!) or notice what flowers still are blooming or what insects still go about their business this time of year?  How can we teach our younger generations to enjoy and preserve our natural world if we adults do not model it? There are so many things we deprive ourselves of by not connecting with nature.  I fear we are losing ourselves in a way that is, at first, subtle, but will, long-term, be extremely detrimental.  This all ties back to how I feel about my art and where the feelings to create come from.  If I did not have this quiet time in nature to reflect, I would be lost.  So is this just my need, or is this a need we all require?

May there always be trees swaying in the breeze, bees buzzing and clean rivers flowing.  Cheers everyone…

~ by ambeckart on September 30, 2012.


  1. I worry that our younger generations won’t be able to identify birds and their songs – either because there won’t be m/any birds or because no one will teach the kids about such.

  2. I love the valuable info you supply in your posts. I like your writing style.

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