The Direction Of January

Dreary or Hopeful?

Dreary or Hopeful?

I was going to post a picture of my art again but instead I thought a picture of this road more fitting.  During this time of year, just past the big holiday (s), but before the Spring, it is the “meat” of winter; the “deep” of winter.  One can feel pessimistic and blue about this or one can settle into hibernation mode (productive hibernation that is) and relish the things that come along with winter; warm fires, hot drinks bright sunshine on snow and quiet, magical, snowy days.  It’s all in the attitude, as they say. As for getting work done, this time of year can be a super productive time for me.  Mainly because I am not tempted to visit my garden or the warm days of the summer activities.  I am hoping this January proves to be such a time for me.  My studio awaits!  Onward down the winter lane of January with creative juices flowing.  What lies at the end of the road is a mystery.

 I heard a bird singIn the dark of December

A magical thing

And sweet to remember

We are nearer to Spring

Than we were in September

I heard a bird sing

In the dark of December

by Oliver Herford

~ by ambeckart on January 4, 2013.

One Response to “The Direction Of January”

  1. This is similar to winter @ here! I agree it can be a great time in the studio…the poem encourages me to remember the seasons Always change!

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