Going For it…

Getting ready for my first ever Studio Art sale. What is that you ask? It’s a scary as hell decision I made to invite my customers to come to my studio to buy my work!! What was I thinking…? But it’s true, I am creating this event and If I’m lucky (and work my butt off marketing) people will come. I have been at this gig for 16 years and it’s finally picking up enough for me to muster the courage to hold an event at the point of origin (my studio is like your studio, yeah… see? Scary).

Creating, marketing and selling ones own art is no piece of cake, so many trials and errors! For example I have attended many customer-less and seemingly pointless art festivals as well as other unmentionable venues. I have been ill-prepared for a show. I have had to force myself to work, to focus to be scheduled (this is hard for some creative people!). Forcing myself to work on something to completion even when the creative juices were not flowing takes tenacity. And lets not forget rejection and criticism (every artist knows how it feels to put yourself out there). I started off knowing nothing about this world (the marketing and selling of one’s own art) and now I know a little. But I do know that all the failures of my past have made me learn to fail a little less (I am loosely quoting Anne Lamott). Anyway, I still know these precious things to be true (for me); I love what I do, I love to create something from nothing, expressing an idea or feeling through something purely visual, taking joy in the creative process, enjoying color and design and texture, soldiering on and not know exactly why only to find out that it was all worth it. ( I just read that last sentence…shudder! Not my best writing but I will let it be).

So…wish me luck with my up coming studio sale! And to all my artist and writer brothers and sisters out there who struggle every day to keep doing what you do despite criticism, distractions, time constraints, lost love, lost job, lost dog…rejection etc. this is for us; do not relent. Do not give up! The creative mind is easily beaten down but history has proven that those who can keep letting those blustery, quirky juices flow freely will thrive in the meadows of endless possibilities thereby making our world a better/more beautiful place! Rock on!!


~ by ambeckart on May 21, 2013.

3 Responses to “Going For it…”

  1. Your studio sale is already a success – perhaps not on a “sales” level yet – but certainly from the aspect of taking the step out of your comfort zone to do it. A goal (your Studio Sale) can be thought of as a “dream with a deadline”. You’re on the way to realizing this dream…one step at a time and you’ve already taken the big one. Your creations are beautiful and will find homes as they should.

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