The Studio Awaits

My Studio is like a bright light which I am drawn into and then spit out of (lately anyway). Who am I kidding, it’s always a struggle for me to remain on task. I want to be a child again when I could get lost in what I was doing- so deep that I lost track of time (and space). I want to forget my life’s worries and pretend that I have nothing else to do but “create”. I don’t want to worry about marketing or displays or finances or festival applications, bills, taxes, kids, laundry or what to have for dinner. Isn’t this every artist’s dream? We must wear so many hats because we cannot afford to hire people who are actually good at all those other things to help us. I’ve never been good at time management but I do seem to “manage”, because I cannot stop. Creating is what I do. So I relish the rare days I enter the studio and leave the world behind only to re surface hours later and remember that I am still the same little creator I once was- it’s still there! Society hasn’t beaten it out of me yet! And who knows, maybe something beautiful will come out of it. Maybe not. But there is always tomorrow and many beautiful things to inspire me in between.

So I will forge ahead with eyes and heart open determined not to become bitter because I am choosing this life. The life of an artist. The bright, beckoning light of the studio awaits. Always.

~ by ambeckart on December 4, 2013.

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