I don’t know why I like themes so much but I am going to try to articulate it for interested parties (and for myself). I suppose it gives me some boundaries in which to “try” to stay in. I tend to go in so many directions trying to accomplish too much sometimes in a single piece, so settling on a theme is good for my chaotic mind. It can be challenging to try to represent or express or capture a single idea or feeling or place in a single pair of earrings (and perhaps many times I don’t do this very well). But I try. The above earrings are from my latest theme I call, “PAINTED DESERT”, inspired by, not exactly Arizona’s Painted Desert but more the South West in general. I lived in New Mexico for eight years and have family in Tucson, AZ. I am fascinated by the desert and all the plant and animal life and how each has adapted so perfectly for their special environment. In the Spring the desert becomes a big canvas full of splashes of color, shapes and contrasts. I love the smell of the desert especially after a rain when the creosote bushes overwhelm the air and the earth steams with evaporation. If I could make my earrings smell I would make them smell like the South West United states desert regions (maybe scratch and sniff? “Here, smell my earrings!”).

This is just one example of how I go about choosing themes and why. I don’t know if I’ll run out of ideas for earring themes but if I do I think I’ll start with sequels for all the themes I’m passionate about and try to express a different take on them. Perhaps I’ll work on some larger pieces to hang on wall instead of ears too! My journey continues.

~ by ambeckart on April 3, 2014.

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