I died my hair blue four months ago, well ok, not blue, peacock (that’s the official name).  I was going for a highland green but my hairdresser couldn’t find it so we ended up with a kind of teal or turquoise.  Anyways, everyone calls it blue.  I really don’t know why I did it. I think part of me is tired of caring so much about my hair. It seems like women in our culture care WAY TOO MUCH about their hair.  Also let me state that I’m an artist, I’m 47 years old and my kids recently graduated from high school (twins).  Oh, and I’m transitioning into my natural gray hair. So I dyed my hair a bright f…ing color!!!

Okay, I knew people might look at me, whisper, turn their noses up or roll their eyes.  Some do. I’m a big girl.  I decided that at my age (and given my trade) that I could handle it and I am.  Most of my friends are into it or at least support my desire to look like I do.  Many of them don’t think it’s my most attractive look but they’re  tactful with their words.  However, there are the occasional people who are truly shocked and horrified and ask, “why???!!!” Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever….but here is the surprising kicker;  I have been approached by a cross section of humanity that would never have given me (a middle aged white woman) a second thought .  But because I have this off-beat hair color, I am suddenly approachable. Mostly they are  young people  with piercings and tattoos and yes, brightly colored hair. At first I was surprised as to why certain people were striking up conversations with me (in grocery stores and restaurants and public bathrooms) but then it occurred to me; I have something in common with these people!  Sometimes, they take their hats off and show me their hair color or tattoo. Often we fist bump or give the A OKAY  sign and I feel oddly connected to this person whom I’ve never  ever met. I feel honored during these encounters and also moved. It’s like I have become a member of a secret society of people who like to be different.  Some of the people in this secret society are lost souls searching for something.  I think some of them are so creative  and are trying to express themselves. Some have very low self esteem, but some have very much confidence and want to change the world.  Perhaps I am all of these things too, I’m just a really late bloomer!!! I am starting to believe that there is another side of me that I hadn’t tapped into in my younger days.  I am very glad I’ve had the opportunity to connect with a more diverse group of people. It’s been a surprising and lovely side effect to having blue hair. 

So my journey continues, as all of our journies continue, with eyes and heart and mind fully open. We’ll see what gifts the gray hair brings me! 😬 Hey, you never know man!





~ by ambeckart on December 26, 2015.

3 Responses to “THE BLUE HAIR’s GIFT”

  1. Pics or it didn’t happen! 😛

    Seriously, though. I’d love to see your blue hair. I’ve thought of doing something wild with mine, but I haven’t decided what. Several times I’ve almost gone back to the bilevel cut I created in the early 90’s, but now I know a lot of people who wear it like that, and I’m not a fan of conformity (no, I’m not saying I invented the bilevel…I’m just saying the particular style I wore was a pretty drastic one I had never seen, and I had to sketch it for my hairdresser because none of her magazines had anything like it).

    Anyway, I let mine go gray several years ago, and I’m kind of digging it, except when I don’t. Someday we’ll get together in person and compare gray hair and reminisce about our youth when we were innocent and tame by comparison.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family. I’m so glad you wrote this. If you don’t mind, I’m going to hit the “share” button. Keep on being your fabulous self!


  2. OMG! When I shared it, the share came up with a photo of it even though I don’t see one on your blog! Kudos!

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