Keeping it Real

I’ve been thinking a lot about honesty and integrity lately. As I have gotten older it has become more important to me to try to be the best person I can be and have become hyper aware of the abundance of choices I make every day that involve honesty and integrity both in my personal life and as an artist. There is a lot to consider when trying to be the best person we can be, of course we all say we want to be a better person with all the intention our little hearts can muster but what does that mean? What does it mean to be a “good person” a better person~ to be real? How can we take up the best possible space in this world and leave it with very few regrets and leave the people and environment a little better for our being here? None of us are perfect and we can’t beat ourselves up for not picking up every piece of trash and opening every door for every older person but I have thought of some simple things that are more for our personal, everyday interactions. I am no expert but what if perhaps we were a bit more conscious of our behavior;

…perhaps being more free with giving compliments to others when we have the opportunity.

… perhaps not talking about ourselves so much and listening to others more. Put our egos in the back seat!

… perhaps keeping our tempers in check and considering other perspectives.

perhaps being honest right away with people even if it’s really hard so others know you say what you mean and mean what you say.

… perhaps forgiving our loved ones and having those difficult conversations that we dread or a least attempt to let go of the resentments. (this may be the hardest thing for which I look to the Dahli Lahma for advice, lol!)

… perhaps sticking up for someone when it’s not popular but it’s “the right thing to do.”

…perhaps taking care of our self better so we can care for others around us.

…perhaps checking ourselves before speaking and giving ourselves time to react to situations with thoughtfulness and without selfishness.

…it’s admitting we’re wrong when we realize we are wrong.


I love Maya Angelou’s quote, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

I believe this way of conducting ourselves helps us all get through this roller coaster of a world together and helps us all have a more pleasant ride. I can’t imagine this life without my family and friends who make this place so very much richer and more bearable. I can’t imagine my life without laughter and honest communication. I need and look for role models who are wiser than me and lead the way in showing me how to lead a better life. For me it’s not about religion. It’s not about doing good or being good to get a ticket into heaven, it’s about doing what’s right because our experience here is much better when we all treat each other with honesty and compassion. As the Unitarians say, “This life is hard enough without worrying about the next.” That being said, there is much good advice in the holy books of the world and most encourage leading a good and honest life and even have guidelines to achieve this ie; the ten commandments in the bible and there is much value in following those guidelines if only we would. We can’t change what we’ve done in the past but we can move forward with better intent and a more mindful approach to the way we conduct ourselves- and I believe there is much personal reward and meaning in doing so.

As an artist, I am grappling with keeping the honesty and integrity of my work. It’s all tied together for me. It’s about everything. I look for real people these days to spend my time with. It’s about being real and keeping it REAL! (and I know I am not alone in this pursuit). Let us raise a glass to honesty and integrity. Cheers!

(Again, these are just the “ponderings” of an an average person trying to navigate life- no expert opinion here.)

Defferent But The Same (for Zapp Metalic)

~ by ambeckart on March 22, 2019.

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