Who am I and what can I say about my work?  This is always tough for me.  There is a long biography in the archives of my blog (August 2010) that is thorough.  But if I must sum myself up in a word, I would call myself a painter.  I observe and am fascinated by color and design and people.  I love the way water looks coming out of a hose in the sunshine, or how a bare winter tree looks in front of a pink sky.  I love how people interact and use body language.  I am distracted by all these things.  I have been fortunate to have been allowed to bask in my creative juices for so long (by my parents, some key teachers and now my husband) that I have had time to create some unique pieces.  I love to felt as it’s so tactile and almost like clay once you learn how to mold it.  I love painting using bright colors and trying to convey a theme like; ocean, or rain forest, or snowflakes that eventually become earrings.  All my work starts as nothing and sometimes becomes something.  But I’ve learned that a tickle of an idea is not to be ignored.

Thank you for your interest and I invite you to allow your own creative juices to flow as I think we all have this capability if we only grant ourselves the opportunity.

A creative idea is like a magnificent, unrelenting, caged  animal, pacing;  intense eyes begging to be set free from the locked prisms of the artist’s mind.  If ignored too long, this one of kind animal will die and be forgotten.  But if released, will run like the wind into the pristine forests and meadows of untamed imagination.    This is where true art is born! 


One Response to “About”

  1. Where is your studio located? Do you have any studio in Cleveland displaying your work?

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